Smart Connection Maxima (Maxi)

Standard black female,
Multi BIS&BISS, C.I.B.&Rus&Est&S&Fin&SuCH, NCH, JWW-08, Fin Winner-08, Est Winner-09, WW-09, Nordic Winner-2010, EW-10, EW-12, HelVW-15, FinVW-15


vWD Type I: Genotype: N/N (Free)

Neonatal Encephalopathy – PCR: Genotype: N/N

*prcd-PRA- PCR: genotype N/N (clear)

Litter sister of Smart Connection Maxine.

Huffish On Every Street DKUCH SUCH USCHKaylen’s Reason To Believe Kaylen’s Cadilla? Style
USCHKaylen’s Imagine That
FINV-01 NORDUCH SV-01Huffish I’m Every Woman DKUCH KBHV-00 NUCH SUCHTorpaz It’ll Be All White
NORDV-98 NUCH SUCHHuffish Honkey Tonk Woman
Danvik Hip Hop Angel Racketeer Hit Man SUCHHuffish Boogie Woogie Man
SUCHRacketeer Touched By A Sinner
Bliss Trine Angel Send to Danvik Caro-Lines Curious C Columbus
Emerey Global Mission

Finnish Winner – 2008