Huffish On Tour (Adam)

Rus & Est & Lt & Mol &Tur & Bl, San Marino CH , Finish Winner-11, BIS

Huffish On Tour 

Black Standart male, bred&owned by Charlotte Sandell (Sweeden)



Am/Swe & Fin CH Dacun Kaylens He’s A Heartbreaker Am/Swe & Dan CH Kaylen’s Reason To Believe Am CH Kaylen’s Cadillac Style
Am CH Kaylen’s Imagine That
Am CH Dacun’s Marquee Diamond Am CH Ale Kai Mikimoto On Fifth
Am CH Dacun’s Mercedes Benz
 Norw/Swe & Dan CH Racketeer Street Poetry INT/Swe & UK CH Huffish On Every Street Am/Swe & Dan CH Kaylen’s Reason To Believe
Nordic CH Huffish I’m Every Woman
Huffish Hot Racketeer NT & Nordic CH Racketeer Dangerous Acquaintance
INT & Nordic CH Lycos Hot Woman