27-28.09.2014 Poodle Specialty & IDS in Tulln, Austria and 2 Nationals in Tallinn, Estonia

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Smart Connection Maxet :

28.09.2014 BOB, CAC, Res. BISS at Poodle Specialty in Austria under Judgement of Ms. Lorena Merati (Italy)

29.09.2014 BOB, CAC, CACIB,  “Austrian Winner – 14”  at IDS. Judge Mr. Mikael Nilsson (Sweden)

Smart Connection Stephania

28.09.2014 BB1, CAC at Poodle Specialty

29.09.2014 BB1, CAC, CACIB,  “Austrian Winner – 14”  at IDS


Smart Connection Maxelle :

28.09.2014 BOB, BIG, res.BIS at Estonian National under Judgement of Ms. Kerstin Nilsson (Denmark) and Petru Muntean (Romania)

29.09.2014 BOB, BIG . Judgre Mr. Adam Ostrowski (Poland)



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